April 24, 2017
The Legislature and Gov. Jerry Brown just passed a bill that will plow $52.4 billion in taxes and fees aimed at shoring up California’s freeways, roads and bridges.
April 22, 2017
For the last three weeks this column has focused on both the policies and politics of the $5.2 billion annual transportation tax increase. In the unlikely event that some have forgotten — or were on another planet — the taxes include a substantial...
April 4, 2017
(Fresno Bee Editorial) We oppose the 10-year, $52 billion gas tax proposal put together by Brown and Democratic leadership that is headed to a self-imposed deadline vote Thursday.
March 2, 2017
(Los Angeles Times) State Senate leader Kevin de León did a very smart thing. He owned up to one of the dumbest things ever perpetrated by a California legislative leader. The foolish, embarrassing deed the Los Angeles Democrat owned up to showed us...
February 28, 2017
(Sacramento Bee) They have proclaimed California’s right to fashion a “progressive” society and maintain its unique cultural values – using, ironically, rhetoric similar to that employed by George Wallace and other Southern segregationists a half-...