Senate Republicans will not sacrifice the safety of our neighborhoods in order to protect criminals.  Senate Bill 54 puts partisan politics ahead of public safety and is not in the best interests of California’s families and neighborhoods:

  • Senate Bill 54 will turn California into a “sanctuary state,” which means our state would help protect some dangerous criminals from being handed over to federal law enforcement agencies.

  • Senate Bill 54 will make it harder for our local police to cooperate and share important information with federal law enforcement about undocumented immigrants who commit some really heinous crimes.

  • Senate Bill 54 is opposed by the California State Sheriffs’ Association.  They say, “This bill creates a severe public safety problem by limiting, and in some cases eliminating, our ability to communicate with the federal government.”

  • Senate Bill 54 will impact the safety of every community in this state. For example, communities with law-abiding immigrants will be less safe because criminals will be back prowling the streets.

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