4.3 Million Unemployed: "Time to Flatten the Unemployment Curve"

Friday, May 8, 2020

California has a projected state deficit of $54.3 billion for the new fiscal year, 4.3 million Californians who have filed for unemployment since March 12, estimated school cuts of $18 billion, and hundreds of thousands of businesses still shuttered. With that in mind, the editor and co-publisher of California-based Fox & Hounds Daily wrote:

“The heads of twenty state, regional and local business organizations signed a cover letter and report urging the governor to adopt the ‘necessary policy reforms to help restart our economy… that will help get workers back into their jobs in the short term and help grow jobs in the long term.’

“In essence, the business groups argued they have the professional expertise to get the economy up and running but need government to do its part by eliminating obstacles, with many barriers to a quick recovery in place because of current laws.

“The business leaders pointed to the troubling numbers that California’s unemployment rate jumped from a record low of 3.2% to a projected high of almost 20% in just six weeks.”

The business leaders’ recommendations include:

  • Allow for flexibility in labor laws to accommodate at-home workers,
  • Freeze antibusiness regulations,
  • Repeal AB 5 - Allow for Independent Contractors, and
  • Provide clear standards to limit the misuse/abuse of COVID-19 as a “workplace injury.”

Will Governor Gavin Newsom listen to the professionals who know how to get businesses up and running? Or will he allow the labor unions and extreme activists to continue expanding their influence on Main Street?

Read Joel Fox’s commentary: