California Democrats Are "Browbeating Californians Out of Their Cars"

Browbeating Californians Out of Their Cars

In an opinion piece authored by Democrat Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon from Los Angeles and Assemblywoman Susan Talamentes Eggman, a Democrat Assemblywoman from the San Joaquin Valley, they try to make the point that taking money from high speed rail to fund other forms of public transportation is a viable alternative to the current system.

They forget that Republicans have said for more than a decade that the current High Speed Rail program was doomed to failure for many reasons and that money would be better served on improving California’s roads and highways.

You can read the entire piece by Rendon and Eggman here, but what really caught our eye was their sentence: “We’re not into browbeating Californians out of their cars.”

However, the truth is Gov. Gavin Newsom and the California Democrat legislature are doing exactly that – trying to force drivers from their cars into bikes, rail and electric cars.

Need proof?

Earlier this year the governor signed Executive Order N-19-19 that diverts $5 billion annually from transportation tax dollars to, among other things, “…to encourage people to shift from cars to other modes of transportation.”