California Senate Republicans United in Opposition to Assembly Bill 186

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

No On AB 186
Senate Republicans speak against AB 186.
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SACRAMENTO – California Senate Republicans are united in opposing Assembly Bill 186 (Eggman) that would create government-sanctioned shooting galleries where addicts could inject their heroin and fentanyl in a controlled environment, even though such activity is a clear violation of federal law.

AB 186 was brought up on the Senate floor for a vote yesterday and failed to pass. Senate Democrats may attempt to bring up AB 186 again for another floor vote.

“As a former social worker who has worked in communities harmed by drugs, I believe this bill would sustain and prolong addiction, embolden drug dealers and encourage more crime. Senate Republicans stand united in opposing this bill because we believe people need help in treating their addiction, not help in getting high,” said Senate Republican Leader Patricia Bates (R-Laguna Niguel).

Bishop Ron Allen, President of the International Faith Based Coalition, which represents 5,000 inner-city houses of worship in California opposes AB 186 citing the proposal as “… establishment of virtual unfettered drug use centers.” In his letter addressed to the California State Senate, Bishop Allen also stated that “… missing from this bill are any safeguards for our embattled communities.”

Senate Republicans created a webpage to inform the public about AB 186. Click here to read what law enforcement and district attorneys are saying about it.