In Case You Missed It: Capitol Journal: "How far left can California's legislative Democrats go before Republicans benefit at the ballot box?"

Thursday, June 22, 2017

SACRAMENTO – Sacramento Democrats have been jamming bad public policies through the legislature. In this column published in the Los Angeles Times, George Skelton explains why he thinks they are overreaching.

Excerpted article:

Democrats in the state Legislature are walking a tightrope, seemingly oblivious to potential danger. First, they raised gas taxes and vehicle fees. Then the Senate passed a ridiculously costly universal healthcare plan. Now, the Legislature is getting close to helping undocumented criminals avoid deportation … Under [SB 54] … state prison officials and local jailers could only notify the feds about the pending release of an inmate here illegally if he’d been convicted of a “serious” or “violent” felony … California tax money, it’s generally agreed, should be spent solely on enforcing state laws. Let the feds use their own resources for enforcing federal laws … Democratic legislators have been behaving as if they can’t fall from their lofty supermajority perch. Keep it up and there could be a jarring splat.

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