In Case You Missed It: Column: Republican solutions to complex state problems “make so much sense”

“… GOP legislators in the Senate and Assembly announced their spending priorities for 2022 this week … 

“…the GOP’s solutions to vexing state problems sometimes make so much sense they should at the very least be seriously debated. 

… “The Republicans’ priority list for spending seems to be headed by enhancing waterworks during this drought. 

“They also sensibly want to pour much more money into preventing and fighting devastating wildfires. 

“Their wish list is long: 

Tax Relief:

“A “holiday from the state’s gas and car taxes,” expanded renters’ tax relief and good mental health treatment for homeless people. Also, extra money for special education, mental health assistance and counseling, especially in rural areas that GOP lawmakers represent. And more money for charter schools.” 

Public Safety:

“Law enforcement should get a big boost, especially for combatting smash-and-grab retail thefts, Republicans say.” 

Water Infrastructure:

“When Republicans propose spending large amounts to increase California’s water supply during a drought, the natural public reaction ordinarily would be ‘duh.’

“But the GOP is proposing a major switch from the traditional “user pay” concept to “everyone pays. …”

“Water shortage is a statewide problem that affects virtually everyone — not just farmers, but many small communities with low-income residents who lack safe drinking water, and industries throughout the state.

“What does a society need to function and prosper?” asks Sen. Andreas Borgeas (R-Fresno), chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee — the only GOP head of any legislative committee. “The availability of food. Export markets are another important component.

“Look at Orange County: Once agriculture production goes away, it never comes back.

“This is not just about agriculture,” he adds. “It’s about communities and drinking water.” ...