In Case You Missed It: Guest commentary Op-ed: "Time to admit criminal reform measure not working"

Friday, June 29, 2018

SACRAMENTO – The president of the California Police Chiefs Association board of directors penned an op-ed from a police chief’s perspective, highlighting the massive failures of Proposition 47 and its unintended consequences. Morgan Hill Police Chief David Swing’s op-ed was recently published in The Mercury News.


... From a police chief’s perspective, Proposition 47 has been an ill-conceived measure that has increased property crimes, decreased participation in proven drug rehabilitation programs and is now the subject of a ballot initiative to address the unintended consequences. …  The rise in auto break-in cases is so significant … Also on the rise are commercial burglaries, which under Prop. 47 are now considered shoplifting cases. This has been a boon for professional thieves. … We all want fairer laws and a safer community. But Prop. 47 has accomplished neither. Instead, it has increased crime, decreased penalties and provided fewer incentives for criminals to reform and for drug addicts to receive the help they need. Prop. 47 is not working, and it’s time to admit that.

Click here to read the full commentary as published in The Mercury News.