In Case You Missed It: San Jose Mercury News Editorial Board: "Exempting Santa Clara County from…"

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

SACRAMENTO – Two of the largest public employee unions in California, SEIU and AFSCME, have sponsored AB 1250, a bill that will boost their membership rolls greatly. The labor unions claim the bill is necessary to increase the transparency and accountability of county governments when it comes to outsourcing contracts.

Yet the San Jose Mercury News points out that even Santa Clara County, one of the most union-dominated counties in the Golden State, understands how bad AB 1250 will be for counties.

Excerpted editorial:

An insidious bill concocted by public employee labor unions would undermine the ability of California counties to provide services for the state’s neediest residents.Santa Clara County, one of the most union-dominated in the state, cut a side deal to exempt itself from the most catastrophic effects on its services. County Executive Jeff Smith estimates that without the exemption, the bill could have cost the county “hundreds of millions of dollars.” … If the Senate doesn’t kill the bill, Gov. Jerry Brown has to veto it. Lives depend on it. … AB 1250 will be a step back for counties struggling to provide adequate basic services. The Santa Clara County exemption shows exactly why it has to be stopped for everybody else as well.

Please click here to read the full editorial in the San Jose Mercury News.