In Case You Missed It: San Mateo Daily Journal Op-Ed: "Single-payer health vote"

Monday, June 12, 2017

SACRAMENTO – Critics continue to highlight the lack of details in the government-run health care proposal, Senate Bill 562, calling it a “glorified political stunt that could do real harm to California.”


The following Op-ed published in the San Mateo Daily Journal described SB 562 as a “deficient bill”. 

Excerpted Op-Ed:

… Whatever the merits of single-payer health care in the abstract, what the Senate voted on was a proposal lacking critical details without which a responsible vote in favor is impossible. The prospect of an unvetted bill with hundreds of billions of dollars in proposed annual costs becomes even less sensible in light of the state’s inability to balance the budget it already has … As state Sen. Jeff Stone, R-Temecula, pointed out, California is already the highest-taxed state in the country. What SB 562 guarantees is the placing of greater burdens on taxpayers, employers and medical professionals

Click here to read the full Op-Ed in the San Mateo Daily Journal.