In Case You Missed It: Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown: "California's 'sanctuary state' bill will just protect criminals"

Thursday, August 3, 2017

SACRAMENTO - Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown penned an Op-Ed published recently in the Sacramento Bee about Senate Bill 54, California's so-called 'sanctuary state bill'. In the Op-Ed, Sheriff Brown described SB 54 as a 'misguided bill' that would result in providing sanctuary for dangerous criminals.

Excerpted Op-Ed:

The duty of law enforcement is to protect the public safety. Our protection extends to everyone in our communities, but we must not provide sanctuary to criminals. Unfortunately, Senate Bill 54 does just that... SB 54 creates severe public safety problems by limiting or eliminating law enforcement's ability to communicate with our federal law enforcement counterparts... Let me be clear: Sheriffs do not act as immigration police. We comply with California's TRUST and TRUTH Acts... This bill will neither reform immigration nor protect communities. Rather, SB 54 shields criminals and puts hardworking people in harm's way... Let's continue to protect all members of our communities, including immigrants. We cannot do that if we give criminals sanctuary.

Please click here to read the entire Op-Ed published in The Sacramento Bee.