In Case You Missed It: Senator Gaines' op-ed: "Another View: New bills would ease tax burden"

SACRAMENTO – The U.S. News and World Report ranks California as 49th in affordability and 46th in opportunity, and California has the highest income tax rate in the nation. In an op-ed recently published in the Auburn Journal, Senator Ted Gaines (R-El Dorado) pushes for a package of ambitious tax legislation to ease the burden on overtaxed Californians.


To overtaxed Californians, every day feels like April 15. California sports the highest income tax brackets of any state, top-five gas taxes (and that’s without including the “cap-and-trade” fees on every gallon, which would push us to the top of the heap), the highest corporate tax in the western states, and so on down the line. And for all that money, the state’s taxpayers get broken down roads, crumbling spillways, and a laughingstock of a high-speed rail project that is attaining cult status in the annals of wasteful spending. … Taxpayers need a champion in Sacramento. These bills are ambitious and taken together would strike a blow against the tax-and-spend politicians who are spoiled by their stranglehold on taxpayer wallets. …

Click here to read Senator Gaines’ full op-ed as published in the Auburn Journal.