In Case You Missed It: Senator Gaines' op-ed in Fox & Hounds: "Solar Panel Mandate Displaces 150,000 Home Buyers"

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

SACRAMENTO – A heavy-handed mandate recently pushed by the California Energy Commission will shut out more than 150,000 Californians from achieving the American Dream of buying a home. Senator Ted Gaines (R-El Dorado) explains in an op-ed published in today’s Fox & Hounds Daily how these policies hurt ordinary California families.


 …. The California Energy Commission’s mandate that all new homes in California include a minimum $10,000 solar panel system is the latest such attack. With this mandate, the governor’s hand-picked commission has priced out 150,000 California homebuyers. … the National Association of Home Builders says that for every $1,000 increase in the price of a home, 15,000 buyers are priced out of the market. So this one action by the Energy Commission will shut out 150,000 Californians from buying a home. … The solar panel mandate is just one more example of the Democrats’ endless experiments in social engineering. You deserve better than this.

Click here to read Senator Gaines’ full op-ed as published in Fox & Hounds Daily.