In Case You Missed It: The Wall Street Journal Editorial: "Fire and Water in California"

Thursday, August 9, 2018

SACRAMENTO – In an editorial published recently in the The Wall Street Journal, the editorial board highlights the confusing priorities of the majority party, which include investing more than $330 million on electric vehicle subsidies and billions on the boondoggle high-speed rail while ignoring preventive actions to protect public safety, such as forest management.


Liberals exploit natural disasters—drought, hurricane, blizzard, you name it—to promote their anti-fossil fuels agenda. … Governor Jerry Brown keeps lecturing Californians that they need to adapt to a new “climate normal,” yet the state government has done little to prepare for warmer and drier times if that is the future. Lawmakers instead have subordinated fire prevention to pleasing the green lobby. … This year the Democratic legislature appropriated a mere $30 million of cap-and-trade revenues for fuel reductions on 60,000 acres of forest land. They allocated $335 million for electric vehicle subsidies. Democrats have also spent billions on high-speed railImagine the damage that could have been averted—and lives saved—if the state had replaced the antiques earlier and cleared millions of dead trees in lieu of building the train whose costs are careening toward $100 billion and may never be finished. But instead of examining their own priorities, the state’s politicians will blame the damaging fires on climate change …

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