In Case You Missed Them: San Jose Mercury News

Monday, September 11, 2017

San Jose Mercury News:
"Editorial: California labor bill would devastate counties, non-profits"
Op-Ed: "Borenstein: Here's the worst bill in Sacramento"

SACRAMENTO – The editorial board of the San Jose Mercury News continues to criticize Assembly Bill 1250, with its third and latest editorial calling the proposal “the worst legislation this year.” AB 1250 would virtually ban counties from partnering with nonprofits and private sectors to provide vital services for the neediest of Californians.

Excerpted editorial:

Looking out for their own political interests, Democratic lawmakers keep advancing legislation making it costlier and in many cases nearly impossible for counties to contract out for vital services. This ill-conceived bill, AB 1250, perhaps the worst legislation this year, should have died months ago. … The goal isn’t saving taxpayers money. … Needy Californians will be the victims.

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Meanwhile, columnist and editorial writer Dan Borenstein described AB 1250 as “the worst bill in Sacramento” explaining who would be affected should it become law.

Excerpted editorial:

… The scope is breathtaking. We’re talking about services for homeless and mentally ill people, elder abuse and domestic violence victims, cancer patients and drug addicts. The bill would also affect agencies helping troubled youth, reducing criminal recidivism and providing meals and food for the poor and elderly. …

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