Dean of the Senate, Jim Nielsen: “You Have Got to Be Aware and Pay Attention” as One-Party Rule Blocks Government Accountability and Transparency

As Senator Jim Nielsen (R-Red Bluff) wraps up a successful legislative career of more than three decades with the California State Legislature, he reflects on his service and shares his concerns about the abuse of power from one-party rule. Click here to watch the video.  
“You have got to be aware and pay attention,” said Nielsen. “And demand, what do I mean by demand, develop a personal relationship with your local legislator. It is time for us to take control and take our government back.”
Nielsen further outlined the massive transparency failures of one-party rule in a recent opinion piece titled California’s budget process is corrupt, no longer transparent, and has poor priorities” published in the Orange County Register. Below is an excerpt from his Op-ed:
“…This is not good democracy. ... 
“How would I describe the budget of my final year? Lack of transparency. Let-us-get-paid budget. Corrupt process. Poor priorities. Budget of a few. No accountability. Fake, feel-good budget.
“The budget process as it takes place now is a shameful fraud on the people of this state. You deserve better. Be informed. Demand a return to an open process.”
Click here to read the full opinion piece published in The Orange County Register.