Democrat Budget Hurts Middle-Class, Raises Taxes and Includes Few Spending Reductions

Seven Weeks Past Due Date, Democrats Finally Release Joint Budget
Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Democrat legislative leaders finally proposed a joint state budget plan today, nearly seven weeks after the June 15 constitutional due date for passage. The latest Democrat budget plan would increase income, gas, vehicle license fee, and business taxes.

“It’s sad that we are seven weeks past the constitutional deadline to pass a budget, and the Democrats are just now proposing their budget,” said Assembly Republican Leader Martin Garrick. “Rather than reducing spending to close a $19.1 billion budget deficit, Democrats want to raise taxes on working and middle-class Californians to continue to fully fund government programs we can’t afford. True to form, Democrats reject nearly all proposed spending reductions and resort to sticking it to the taxpayers.”

“The Democrats’ budget plan doesn’t create jobs, doesn’t reform pensions, and doesn’t significantly reduce spending. Instead it relies on billions in income, car, gas, and business tax hikes in order to keep growing government,” said Senate Republican Leader Dennis Hollingsworth. “We need to reduce spending so that we can balance the budget without raising taxes. Democrats continue to ignore the people, who just last year rejected this tax and spend approach.”