Democrats’ Agenda: Ketchup Packet Police, Criminals First, Ignore Traffic Laws

The 2021 legislative session wrapped up last week and now hundreds of bills are awaiting final approval from the governor. Senate Republican Leader Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita) identified the top 10 worst or most ridiculous bills the governor must veto.

“While the state is burning, the power is out and the rivers run dry, Sacramento Democrats voted to turn local government into the ketchup packet police,” said Leader Wilk. “There are many problems facing California, but fast food condiments are not one of them.”

“With so many communities reeling from soaring crime rates, the criminals’ first agenda flies in the face of public safety and is an insult to those who have been victimized by these criminals. Senate Republicans are working hard for everyday Californians and we are calling on the governor to join us and veto these, and other bad bills.”

The following list reflects the top 10 worst bills on the governor’s desk:

  1. SB 81 (Skinner) – Reduces felony criminal sentences by requiring judges to dismiss enhancements including firearm and gang activity.
  2. SB 775 (Becker) – Allows people who murdered or aided in murder to be resentenced under state law, possibly resulting in a lesser or no sentence at all.
  3. AB 124 (Kamlager) – Requires courts to reduce sentences if trauma to a defendant contributed to a defense.
  4. AB 333 (Kamlager) – Narrows gang enhancements sentencing, in turn reducing sentences for crimes committed on behalf of gangs.
  5. SB 339 (Wiener) – Greenlights a path for a statewide per mile traveled gas tax.
  6. AB 616 (Stone) – Eliminates a secret ballot for agriculture worker union elections.
  7. AB 1238 (Ting & Friedman) – Allows pedestrians to disobey traffic laws.
  8. AB 1346 (Berman & Gonzalez) - Bans the sale of gas-powered lawn mowers, generators, chainsaws, and leaf blowers after 2024.
  9. AB 1184 (Chiu) – Allows minor children to receive sensitive medical services without parental approval.
  10. Tying for 10th place, AB 1276 (Carrillo): Bans single-use condiments and utensils and AB 1344 (Arambula): Sanctions unsafe used needle litter by exempting these programs from state environmental laws.

Leader Wilk has submitted veto letters to the governor on these bills and others.