Democrats Protect Failed Unemployment Department…. Again

Almost one year after Governor Newsom’s EDD “Strike Team” released findings on the failures of the Employment Development Department (EDD), legislative Democrats once again postponed an audit hearing that would have provided oversight to the state’s failed EDD. This critical hearing was originally scheduled for August 17, postponed to August 24, then again postponed to September 21. Now another delay has the date set as October 13, 2021.
The EDD has a timeline of failures that date as far back as 2013 and led to the disaster Californians witnessed in 2020.
“Once again Democrats refuse to discuss EDD because they know Newsom’s mismanagement is a textbook example of a government failure,” said Senate Republican Leader Scott Wilk. “Last year, it was tweet after tweet with frustration, but now it’s delay, delay, delay. Meanwhile, Californians still desperately need help. This hearing was a crucial step in reforming an agency that needs to get its act together. I guess by constantly avoiding this hearing, Democrats must be OK with this failed status quo.”
Earlier this year, Senate Republicans introduced legislation to #FixEDD. Sacramento Democrats buried the following legislation in the Assembly Appropriations Suspense File which is their way of killing bills without recording a “NO” vote on them.
·     SB 39 (Grove) would require the EDD to cross check prison inmate records with unemployment claims to prevent benefits from going to prisoners. 
·     SB 58 (Wilk) would require the EDD to immediately end the practice of including full social security numbers on its most frequently mailed documents.  
·     SB 232 (Nielsen) would implement State Auditor recommendations from the previous three audits of EDD.