Democrats Usurp Constitutional Protections To Push for Higher Taxes

Thursday, March 4, 2010

SACRAMENTO – Senate Republican Leader Dennis Hollingsworth (R-Murrieta) issued the following statement in response to the questionable Democrat proposals approved on the Senate Floor today. The proposals seek to increase taxes on Californians by using a variety of accounting schemes to avoid the 2/3rd vote protections contained within the state Constitution.

“As millions of Californians continue to suffer through the worst recession in 35 years, the Democrats devised radical proposals to throw out the Constitution and increase taxes on the backs of Californian families. The Democrats voted today to increase the excise tax on gasoline by over 17 cents per gallon and allow future increases without a vote of the legislature.

“Instead of working to create jobs, eliminate frivolous lawsuits and reduce the regulatory burden on businesses, Democrats have chosen to disregard the voter implemented constitutional protections of Proposition 13 in favor of protecting the special interests in Sacramento.

“It is time to get the budget back on the right fiscal track and live within our means not create additional burdens on Californians.”