Full-Service Government Program: "SF Confirms Giving Drugs to Homeless in Hotels"

Friday, May 8, 2020

This is not fake news!

Amy Graff with the San Francisco Chronicle wrote the story this week. It highlights how the San Francisco Department of Public Health has acknowledged that, in some cases, “limited quantities” of alcohol, marijuana and tobacco are being provided to “guests” of the city’s program housing homeless people in hotels.

"’Managed alcohol and tobacco use makes it possible to increase the number of guests who stay in isolation and quarantine and, notably, protects the health of people who might otherwise need hospital care for life-threatening alcohol withdrawal,’ SFDPH said in a statement.”

When this issue blew up in Twitter, the SFDPH tweeted that the drugs are, “a harm-reduction technique aimed at helping people successfully complete quarantine.”

The SFDPH also clarified that the drugs are not being paid for with taxpayer money, but through private funding.

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