Governor Gavin Newsom Breaks Another Promise to Californians

Remember when Democrats increased the gas tax with the sole promise of “improving local and state roadway systems?”

Late in the day on September 20, 2019, when he thought no one was watching, Governor Newsom quietly passed an executive order directing $5 billion of transportation funding to be redirected to his Climate Change Scoping Plan, which focuses on “encouraging” Californians to give up cars.

In 2017, California Dems promised voters that the just passed gas tax would be used to “rebuild our aging roads.” Now Democrats are saying they don’t care about the roads.

In addition to breaking the promise to voters – who now pay the highest gas prices in the nation thanks in part to the SB 1 gas tax – Newsom’s quiet diversion also means $5 billion less for road repairs and improvements.

September 20, 2019: Newsom Takes Transportation Funding (pdf)

Sept 20, 2019: Gas Tax Diversion Executive Order (pdf)