Huff Issues Statement on Senate Action to Suspend Senators Calderon, Wright and Yee

Friday, March 28, 2014

Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff (R-Diamond Bar) issued the following statement today following a Senate vote to formally suspend Senators Ron Calderon, Rod Wright and Leland Yee.

“The Senate took needed and decisive action today to help restore the public’s trust in this great institution. The suspension resolutions introduced by Senate President pro-Tem speak loud and clear: Senators Leland Yee, Rod Wright and Ron Calderon are no longer welcome here and should not be allowed to return.”

“The actions taken by the Senate today also send a clear signal to lawmakers and staff that nobody is above the law. The examples of public corruption that have come to light in recent raids by the FBI will not be tolerated. The public has a right to be concerned about these shocking allegations and actions taken by the Senate today are justified.”

“I’m also pleased that the Senate President pro-Tem allowed the Senate to take equal action against all three Senators instead of just one. It allows us to move forward from this dark cloud of ethics violations and corruption allegations. The Senate faces a great deal of work on behalf of the people this year, and it’s important that the first task was to restore the public’s trust.”

“I have been asked if this behavior is systemic to the institution -- that it goes with the territory -- but I don’t believe it does. While it is very troublesome that we have three separate Senators in one year convicted or charged with various felonies, most of us are honest, hard-working citizens truly honored to represent our districts.”

“It is clear that we need to have more tools to work with when dealing with members charged with ethical, moral or legal issues, including suspension without pay, but perhaps these recent incidents will help remind all of us that not only is it an honor to be elected to the State Senate, but there is also a very high standard of trust that must be maintained to protect the integrity of the office and institution.”