ICYMI: "Is California's Legislature the most liberal in state history?"

Monday, May 1, 2017

SACRAMENTO – California is known for many extraordinary landmarks and qualities, like the Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood, and our beautiful weather. You can unfortunately add another item to that list, which was spotlighted by Sacramento Bee columnist Dan Walters:

Tax more, spend more and regulate more.

As state legislators completed their initial committee reviews of bills last week, it became evident that this year’s session may be the most liberal in California history.

A single-payer health care system, which could cost more than $250 billion a year, is emblematic of hundreds of liberal measures, or “progressive,” as those on the political left prefer to be known, in the works.

Whether the session turns out to be as left-of-center as its early indications will, of course, depend on Brown because he has the last word. … But he’s got less than two years remaining, will not face voters again and is in full legacy mode.

Brown’s not only displaying traces of his inner liberal these days, but must contend with very liberal legislative leaders as he seeks legacy accomplishments, which makes him potentially vulnerable to pressure on their issues.


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