ICYMI: Capitol Journal -- "Single-payer healthcare in California? Time to take a cold shower and return to the real world"

Thursday, May 25, 2017

SACRAMENTO – The critical reviews are pouring in on the government-run healthcare proposal, Senate Bill 562. The Sacramento Bee recently ran a few articles highlighting the failures of SB 562 and its staggering $400 billion price tag. And today, Los Angeles Times columnist George Skelton throws cold water on the proposal altogether.  


A state-run universal healthcare system? California only? It’s fantasy.

Current legislation in Sacramento is fatally flawed and foolhardy.

… The annual cost was eye-popping: $400 billion. Of that, $200 billion would come from existing federal, state and local funding for healthcare. The remaining $200 billion would have to be raised from higher taxes.

… The committee analysis assumed a 15% payroll tax on income. This in a state that already suffers from the highest income tax rates in the nation.

… The governor totally dismissed the idea and lapsed into Latin: “This is called ignotum per ignotius…. In other words, you take a problem and say, ‘I’m going to solve it by something that’s even a bigger problem,’ which makes no sense.”

… Forget it. Don’t waste the effort. Take a cold shower and return to the real world. Focus on what’s doable.

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