ICYMI: Dan Walters' Commentary: "Just a Few Gun Laws This Year, But One's a Puzzler"

Friday, October 20, 2017

SACRAMENTO – In his latest commentary, Dan Walters questions two new gun laws including Senate Bill 620 which allows the courts to dismiss the sentencing enhancements for criminals committing a felony crime with a gun.   

Excerpted commentary:

… The new gun laws enhanced California’s status, for better or worse, of having the nation’s tightest restrictions on the purchase and use of firearms. … the new laws were enacted on the assertion that they would reduce gun violence by preventing those inclined to use weapons to injure or threaten from obtaining them. However, the wave of legal purchases—and simple logic—tell us that new gun laws have their greatest effect on law-abiding shooters, not those bent on criminal or violent misuse. … Only a handful of relatively minor new gun laws were passed and signed by Brown. One of them induces head-scratching bewilderment. …  [Senate Bill 620] repeals the long-standing Penal Code section that requires extra years behind bars for anyone using a gun to commit a crime and leaves such “enhancements” to the future discretion of judges. …

Click here to read Walters’ full commentary in CALMatters.