ICYMI: "Memo to California pols: Don’t let anti-Trump fury blind you to vital issues"

Monday, May 15, 2017

SACRAMENTO – In case you missed it, Dan Walters’ column published in The Sacramento Bee makes a case for California policymakers to focus on important California issues instead of getting distracted by issues in Washington, DC. Senate Republicans continue to fight for California residents by echoing this sentiment.


“There’s a common thread in the early skirmishing among Democratic candidates for statewide office next year, including the governorship – pledges of stalwart, even bitter, opposition to President Donald Trump and a Republican Congress.


“However, it’s far-fetched for candidates for lesser offices such as lieutenant governor, treasurer, insurance commissioner or superintendent of schools to dwell on Trump, since they would have little or no role to play, unlike the governor or the attorney general.

“... face myriad issues that have nothing to do with Washington’s current occupiers, but are vital to California.

“A stubborn shortage of housing, particularly for low- and moderate-income families...

“Urban traffic congestion that grows worse as the state’s population grows...

“Ensuring that the state will have an adequate water supply not only for a population that continues to grow but for the nation’s most productive agricultural industry...

“A K-12 education system that’s not adequately preparing youngsters for roles in society and a fast-changing economy...”


Please click here to read the entire article published in the Sacramento Bee.