ICYMI: Negative Reviews of Governor Brown's High-Speed Rail Increasing

SACRAMENTO – The criticisms of Governor Brown’s high-speed rail project continue to pile up. Dan Walters’ commentary published in CALmatters highlights the project’s lack of funding and warns that taxpayers may be on the hook for far more than the $9.95 billion bond California voters approved a decade ago.

And Dan Borenstein’s column in the San Jose Mercury News points out that even the governor’s political front man on the high-speed rail project agrees voters should have another say on the boondoggle bullet train.

Excerpt from Borenstein’s column:

Construction of the state’s bullet-train system, still in its infancy, is already at least four years behind schedule, over budget and lacking most of the funding needed to complete the project. … It’s time to put an end to the high-speed rail boondoggle. Or, at the very least, give voters another say. Surprisingly, even Dan Richard, chair of the bullet train authority board and Brown’s political front man on the issue, welcomes a vote. … Voters were told then that sufficient money would come from federal, private, local and state sources. The reality 10 years later: No private investment so far. …

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