ICYMI: Op-ed from California Business Roundtable: "High spending locks in need for future California tax increases"

SACRAMENTO – The president of the California Business Roundtable highlights the important issues related to the state’s budget in an op-ed published in the Orange County Register.

Excerpted op-ed:

…  Since Fiscal Year 2009, state taxes, fees and other charges have increased by $10 billion a year, now totaling $72 billion more in all. Of that increase, $26 billion is due to higher fees, special taxes and other charges shifted to special funds. This increased revenue, the Legislature argued, was to stave off severe cuts during the recession. Clearly, the recession is over — and not a single fee, special tax or other revenue increase has been cut. … Important state programs, including education, transportation and public safety are being crowded out by these “progressive” budget priorities. That’s why, despite our record budget spending this year, the Legislature had to pass the gas tax increase and other fees to pay for years of neglected or underfunded transportation projects.  It comes as no surprise that many of the special interests responsible for diverting the massive tax revenue increases on these “progressive” budget priorities then turn around and campaign for even more taxes to fund education, health care and other programs. Measurable results and accountability for current spending is not part of the debate. … This is the path California is on. …

Click here to read the full op-ed written by Rob Lapsley, president of the California Business Roundtable, a nonpartisan organization of major California employers.