ICYMI: Orange County Register Editorial: "California’s housing crisis is on state Democrats"

SACRAMENTO – The Orange County Register editorial board says too many years of Democrat hegemony has warped their perspective on the public good, as is demonstrated by their extreme, failed experiments with housing policy. The editorial board says the Democrats’ one-party rule has created California’s housing crisis, and they own it.


Well, California is now one big experiment in virtual one-party rule. And on one of the state’s most troubling issues — housing — the latest news confirms that the experiment has been a failure. Democrats weren’t able to stop the statewide shortage of affordable housing, especially in the bluest cities with their wealthiest and most loyal partisans. And now that it’s here with a vengeance, Democrats can’t decide what to do about it either. Even their own core policy preferences, it now seems, would run afoul of one of their increasingly extremist views. ….  But state Democrats have spent so long in power that their ideals have grown distorted and destructive — not just to the public good, but to each other. Without fresh humility, they’re in for more hard lessons. And so are Californians as a whole.

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