ICYMI: The San Diego Union-Tribune: "Get ready for a bump at the pump in California"

Monday, October 30, 2017

SACRAMENTO – Beginning this Wednesday, drivers will pay 12 cents more in gas taxes as a result of Senate Bill 1, the gas and car tax increase pushed by Sacramento Democrats. An article published in the San Diego Union-Tribune points out that motorists should pay attention to other notable increases including a vehicle registration fee increase of between $25 to $175 per year.

Excerpted article:

California drivers normally catch a bit of a break this time of year when gas stations switch over to winter blends, which usually run about 12 cents a gallon less than summer-blended fuel. But this year, the switch will coincide with the rollout of a bill passed earlier this year by the California Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown to increase the price of gasoline by 12 cents a gallon. … Signed into law in April, Senate Bill 1 has been controversial.critics of SB1 say revenue from previous gas tax increases in the past have been diverted to other spending programs. …

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