ICYMI: Sen. Morrell’s Op-ed: "Higher gas taxes here thanks to Sacramento"

Friday, December 1, 2017

SACRAMENTO – The punishing car and gas tax went into effect a month ago today and California drivers are now paying an extra 12 cents more per gallon thanks to the legislative supermajority.

In The Press Enterprise Senator Mike Morrell (R-Rancho Cucamonga) explains that a significant portion of the new taxes are earmarked for the supermajority’s pet projects such as parks, bike lanes, sidewalks and commuter trains, just to name a few, and emphasizes that “less than 5 percent will be spent on projects to actually relieve traffic congestion.”

Excerpted op-ed:

Around this time each year, Californians would usually have seen a decrease in gas prices as stations shift from selling the more expensive summer blend gas to the cheaper winter blend. Not this year — and Sacramento Democrats are hoping you won’t notice. On Nov. 1, the governor’s gas tax kicked in, tacking on an extra 12 cents more per gallon. Eventually this amount will climb to 19 cents and higher. It is just one part of a slew of new taxes and fees that will take effect over the next few months. … Though passed in April as part of Senate Bill 1, Democratic leaders conveniently delayed the implementation of the gas tax so they could attempt to minimize its impact. … Yet, out of the billions of dollars brought in each year, less than 5 percent will be spent on projects to actually relieve traffic congestion.Taxes will keep coming down the line, unless the people tell government enough is enough and to make do with what it has. …

Click here to read the entire op-ed published in The Press Enterprise.