ICYMI: "Taxpayers needlessly gouged at the pump"

Monday, May 8, 2017

SACRAMENTO – The burdensome gas and car tax hike is just another tactic by Sacramento Democrats to haul in billions more dollars from ordinary Californians to backfill the roads and infrastructure money they have diverted to other programs or wasted over prior years.

In an article written by Senator Ted Gaines (R-El Dorado), he explains how drivers are continually gouged at the pump.


There are a few facts that should give pause to anyone supporting California’s new gas tax: The California Department of Transportation is overstaffed by 3,500 people, wasting $500 million every year that could be going to roads; California diverts a billion dollars in “weight fees” into the general fund annually, which should also be paying for roads; Californians already pay some of the highest gas taxes in the country but have some of the worst roads, which points to an efficiency problem.

It’s plain to see that the fake funding crisis used to push the new taxes through the Legislature was really a crisis of political priorities. The money is there, without the new taxes, to pay for modern, smooth roadways up and down the state.

Our state has the 48th-worst tax climate already, but this gas tax proves, yet again, that legislators can’t leave unwell enough alone.


Please click here to read the entire article published in the Redding Record Searchlight.