Job-Killing Legislation Paused on Senate Floor

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Senate Republican Leader Bob Dutton released the following statement today in response to the failed passage Tuesday of Assembly Bill 183, a bill that would ban the sale of alcoholic beverages at self-service checkout systems.  The bill was granted reconsideration, which means the bill can still be passed this week:

Since returning to session over three weeks ago, Democrats have said job creation is priority number one.  But over those three weeks they have passed at least five job- killer bills. 

Tuesday, a bipartisan coalition of Senators temporarily killed AB 183. 

I sincerely hope that Democrats will put the two million unemployed Californians first and kill legislation that will hurt our already fragile economy.

AB 183 is opposed by some of California’s largest employers and employer groups. 

Fresh and Easy, a grocery store chain that utilizes the self-service checkout systems in their stores, prides itself on opening stores that are “green” and in neighborhoods that don’t have many grocery stores. 

Just last week, Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, a Democrat, applauded Fresh and Easy for bringing the second grocery store in over a decade to the economically-challenged Oak Park neighborhood.  For each of the 12 planned stores in the Sacramento region, every store will create 30 permanent jobs and over 300 construction jobs.

Senate Republicans continue to press for a bipartisan jobs package. Hopefully, Senate Democrats will use the last three days of the legislative session to kill bills that will make it harder to get the two million unemployed Californians back to work. 

Actions speak louder than words.