Legislative Republicans Request Bipartisan and Transparent Process for Appointment of Next State Auditor

Republicans want to ensure the replacement process for retiring California State Auditor, Elaine Howle will result in a qualified, impartial and nonpartisan candidate. This week the Senate and Assembly Republican Leaders and members of the Joint Legislative Audit Committee (JLAC) submitted a letter to the Chair and Vice Chair of the Joint Legislative  Committee requesting that it adopt a bipartisan and transparent selection process to ensure the new auditor has the confidence of all Californians.

Howell’s work uncovered a number of issues with state departments, including government inefficiency, fraud, and abuse of process. Some of her recent work shaped improvements to benefit all Californians, including audits she released on:

*The failed Employment Development Department (EDD) – January 28, 2021; January 26, 2021; November 19, 2020

*A mismanaged and incompetent COVID 19 Rent Relief Program – September 16, 2021

*California’s Housing and Homelessness Population – August 24, 2021

*The state’s failed community college as Calbright College – May 2021

*Inefficient Use of Federal Funds for COVID 19 Testing & Contact Tracing – April 1, 2021

*The State’s Uncoordinated Homelessness Efforts – February 11, 2021

Below is the letter Republicans submitted to JLAC and you can download the letter here.