Newsom, Democrats Finally Waking Up to How Their ‘Criminal First’ Agenda is Bad for California

Today, Governor Newsom announced additional measures on public safety, despite encouraging soft-on-crime policies that foster a safe haven for criminals. 

“The Democrats’ relentless push for their ‘criminals first’ agenda has turned this once-majestic state into a sanctuary for criminals. It shouldn’t have taken increasing homicide rates, widespread news reports of smash-and-grabs, and pleas from Californians for Democrats to come to this realization,” said Senate Republican Leader Scott Wilk (R-Santa Clarita). 

“Ironically, today’s announcement comes just 15 days away from several new laws taking effect, including ones that greenlight reduced sentences for murder accomplices and let gang members off the hook for being gang-affiliated. It is no surprise criminals feel empowered here. Time will tell if today’s announcement is about meaningful action or just more political grandstanding.”