Republicans and Democrats Found Something to Agree on Today: Renewable Energy Law Will Increase Electric Bills

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A spirited debate took place Thursday on proposed legislation, Senate Bill 2x by Democrat Senator Joe Simitian, to require utilities to have 33 percent of the energy they deliver to customers come from renewable sources by 2020.

There was agreement among several Republican and Democrat Senators that SB 2x would lead to increased utility rates.

“Higher electric rates will hurt California families who are already struggling to pay their bills,” said Senate Republican Leader Bob Dutton. “We all want cleaner energy, but this is the worst possible time to drive up the price of energy. We should heed the warning from other countries whose similar renewable programs failed. SB 2x will make it even harder to keep existing employers and jobs from leaving for more business-friendly states and nations.”

SB 2x passed out of the Senate on a 26 to 11 vote. It is now headed to the Assembly.