Senate GOP Leader Says Democrats' Gamesmanship Today Was Cause of Campaign Finance Reform Defeat

Monday, March 17, 2014

SACRAMENTO – Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff (R-Diamond Bar) said today that Californians were given another example of the majority party’s political gamesmanship after they refused to fix a critical problem with a proposal to increase California’s campaign finance disclosure and transparency laws.

“Republicans support transparency and sunshine with California’s campaign finance laws and the measure before us today contained some good ideas for reform,” Huff said. “The problem was it had an “urgency clause” which means it would have taken effect immediately. While that sounds like a good idea, thousands of unsuspecting people who have already made a contribution to a non-profit this year will unknowingly be exposed, contrary to statements made by the bill’s author on the Senate floor. In other words, we want to protect the privacy rights of current individuals who may not know that their donations are going to be used for politics, thereby subjecting them to disclosure and loss of privacy.

“We offered a way to improve the proposal and make it fair for everyone, so that it could gain bipartisan support,” Huff continued. “Let’s give non-profits and donors time to comply and understand the new level of disclosure.   With one change, this reform bill would have passed. The majority party refused so they could turn this into another cheap political stunt. They misrepresented the facts by claiming that if a non-profit started spending money after July 1st only contributions received after that date would be reported. That is false and that’s the error we wanted to fix. Instead of working together to bring sunshine to campaign finance, they continued to demonstrate that their actions don’t match their words.”