Senate Republican Leader Bates Issues Statement on Investigation of Senator Joel Anderson

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

SACRAMENTO – Senate Republican Leader Patricia Bates (R-Laguna Niguel) issued the following statement after the Senate Rules Committee released the results of an investigation involving Senator Joel Anderson (R-Alpine):

“In the wake of troubling allegations made against several legislators, last year I called on the Joint Rules Committee to initiate a bipartisan and bicameral review of the Legislature’s policies to handle sexual and workplace harassment complaints. I advocated for a new process to ensure fairness and accountability for all involved.

“I participated in that bipartisan effort and I support the new process developed to handle complaints against legislators and legislative employees.

“I appreciate that the Senate Rules Committee completed the investigation into this case in a thorough and timely manner. To ensure a safe environment for everyone, it is important for all senators to adhere to the Senate’s standards of conduct.  It is encouraging that the person who filed the complaint felt empowered to come forward. The behavior exhibited in this incident will no longer be tolerated.  The decision to issue a reprimand in this case is warranted and appropriate.”