Senate Republican Leader Issues Statement on Legislature's About-Face on Government Transparency

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff (R-Diamond Bar) issued the following statement in response to Democrat efforts to reverse course on a Public Records Act Budget Bill that made some provisions of the state's Public Records Act optional for local governments.

“Our job as lawmakers is to gain the trust of the public by making it easier for people to understand at all times how government will impact them. Because we believe Californians deserve to have their voices heard, Senate Republicans requested during budget negotiations that all budget trailer bills receive a public hearing in Committee and that they be in print for at least 72 hours.

“Republicans have serious concerns about “trust us” being a governing philosophy, particularly when the Democratic Super-Majority uses its power to do things such as suspending the rules just to avoid having budget bills heard in the budget committee.”

Senator Huff serves as the Senate Republican Leader and represents the 29th Senate District covering portions of Los Angeles, Orange and San Bernardino Counties.