Senate Republican Leadership Responds to Governor Brown's 2016-17 Budget Proposal

Thursday, January 7, 2016

SACRAMENTO - Senate Republican Leader Jean Fuller (R-Bakersfield) and Budget Vice Chair, Senator Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber), issued the following statement addressing Governor Brown’s 2016-17 budget:

Senate Republican Leader Jean Fuller said, “Governor Brown’s record-setting budget proposal proves that California doesn’t have a revenue problem, and our state’s priorities can be funded without extending or raising taxes.

“Budgets are about priorities and we can’t go on a spending spree.

“The backbone of California’s economic engine, agriculture and reliable energy, is suffering. Furthermore, we can’t take our roads and water delivery system for granted and must address these fundamental needs that are in distress. We are committed to caring for California’s most vulnerable people, and keeping our communities safe."

Senator Jim Nielsen, Budget Vice Chairman, said, “The Governor should be applauded for proposing a prudent budget.

“With over $5 billion in surplus money, there is no need for new or extended taxes. 

“We can continue to pay down the state’s debt, increase the state’s savings account for a rainy day fund and existing programs that help California’s most vulnerable, particularly services for people with developmental disabilities.”