Senate Republicans Applaud Governor's Call for Rainy Day Fund Special Session

Brown Must Keep Democrat Supermajority in Legislature from Spending More
Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Senate Republican Leader Bob Huff (R-Diamond Bar) and Republican Budget Committee Vice-Chair Jim Nielsen (R-Gerber) offered their initial reactions to Governor Brown’s declaration of a Special Session of the Legislature to work on a Rainy Day Fund:

“We are glad the Governor has decided to focus the Legislature on the important job of establishing a Rainy Day fund,” said Senator Huff.  “It’s just common sense for California to put away money during the ‘boom’ years to avoid future tax increases and spending reductions in the ‘bust’ years.  However, we are mindful that legislative Democrats have undermined similar efforts in the recent past.  Despite agreeing to, and voting for, the rainy day reserve fund in Assembly Constitutional Amendment 4 (ACA 4) as part of the 2010-11 budget agreement with Republicans, Senate Pro Tem Steinberg and Assembly Speaker Perez denied Californians the opportunity to vote for it on the ballot in 2012 as promised. Now they want to remove it from the 2014 election ballot, preventing the people of California from establishing strong protections against future budget crises. I think today’s announcement is a message to the Democrats that the Governor is serious about doing something.”

Senator Nielsen said, “The state has collected $1.4 billion in excess revenue from tax increases passed in 2012. We must protect these tax dollars from being spent frivolously. The only way to prevent excess spending is by having a true Rainy Day Fund – for the purposes of emergencies like wildfires and other economic uncertainties. While Republicans are open to alternatives to a bipartisan agreement passed in 2010 (Assembly Constitutional Amendment 4) , we want a strong ‘locked box’ that protects taxpayers’ monies instead of a ‘piggy bank’ that can be raided on the whim of the majority party’s desire to spend. This time let's put the people of California first by stopping the budget roller coaster. We can't afford to delay any longer. It's time to get to work.”

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