Senate Republicans Debate the Democrat Budget Proposal

Friday, June 10, 2011

Sacramento – Earlier this week in the Senate Budget Committee, Senate Democrats voted to increase state government spending by more than $1 billion, and took steps to extend tax increases for a full year without a vote of the people.

During a Senate budget drill today, Senate Republicans spoke out against the Democrats’ budget proposal, which does not include a single reform that would fix the budget crisis or do anything to put two million unemployed Californians back to work.

Following are excerpts from several GOP senators’ floor speeches:

Dutton: /content/senator-dutton-democrat-budget-proposal
Huff: /content/senator-huff-democrat-budget-proposal
Strickland: /content/senator-strickland-democrat-budget-proposal
Emmerson: /content/senator-emmerson-democrat-budget-proposal
Cannella: /content/senator-cannella-democrat-budget-proposal
Berryhill: /content/senator-berryhill-democrat-budget-proposal
Gaines: /content/senator-gaines-democrat-budget-proposal

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