Senate Republicans: The Governor is Not Telling the Truth About the Budget

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Today the Senate Republican Caucus held a press conference to dispute Governor Brown’s continued claims that Republicans “have blocked the right of the people to vote” on an honest budget.

“Last week, the governor stated in his budget veto letter that Republicans in the Legislature blocked the right of the people to vote on this budget. The governor is not telling the truth about what is holding up this budget.

“The Senate Republicans have been clear and consistent all year. There have been votes in our caucus to place measures on the ballot. Yes. A tax measure can be placed before the voters, but the voters must also be allowed to consider measures to reform our unsustainable public pension system and a spending cap to stop state government over-spending.

“We are here to make it clear once again that the reason that there is no budget deal is that the governor, the Democratic majority in the Legislature and their allies refuse to allow the voters the opportunity to reform pensions and control state over-spending,” said Senate Republican Leader Bob Dutton.