Senate Republicans Reject Government Run Healthcare Scheme

Proposal Would Make Private Healthcare Illegal - Unless you Belong to a Union
Thursday, January 28, 2010

SACRAMENTO, CA - Once more, Senate Republicans held the line for California families and rejected the radical universal healthcare plan that would cost Californians 222 billion dollars.  Without GOP support, Senate Bill 810 passed the Senate Floor 22-14.

Senate Republican pointed out the fact that Sacramento politicians who have mismanaged the state’s budget into a $21 billion deficit now want to create a DMV-style agency to issue Californians health insurance and administer your health care, unless you have a union card.

SB 810 would create a government-run healthcare plan that would cost $100 billion in the first six months and $222 billion a year thereafter.  This is nearly three times the state’s present general fund budget and does nothing to address our current $20 billion deficit.

Senate Republican Leader Dennis Hollingsworth (R-Murrieta) —“The Democrats in Sacramento still don’t get it.  A government take over of people’s health care to the tune of $200 billion is utterly irresponsible.  How can the Democrats think that taxpayers are going to pay for this new government bureaucracy when they are losing their jobs and California’s government is already running amok?

Today, Senate Democrats in Sacramento passed a government health care plan (SB 810) that would cost $100 billion in the first six months and $200 billion-a-year thereafter and would add another $42 billion to our current $21 billion state deficit.

Democrats in Sacramento showed they are more interested in a government take over of people’s health care than creating new jobs and getting the economy moving again.”

Senate Republican Leader-elect Bob Dutton (R-Rancho Cucamonga)—“It’s now clear to me that Democrat majority is merely paying lip service to making private sector job creation a priority and making the structural reforms necessary to bring state spending in line with revenues.  SB 810 will cost $200 billion to implement, restrict individual freedom and destroy countless jobs. Instead of imposing a government run health care program, lawmakers should focus on reducing wasteful state spending and boosting job creation.”

Senator Tom Harman, Republican Whip (R-Huntington Beach) –“California already has a single payer system – in its 33 prisons.  Look what has happened there.  The costs have tripled since 2001.  This is a bad idea that California simply can’t afford.”

Senator Sam Aanestad (R-Grass Valley) —“You don’t throw out the highest standard of healthcare in the world – which we have in California today – and where people from other countries come to get the treatment they cannot get at home.  You don’t throw it all away for this bill – which will fail in its first year and will put you (Majority Party) out of office.”

Senator Tony Strickland (R-Thousand Oaks) —“If you like the compassion of the IRS and efficiency of the DMV then this plan is for you.  Californians do NOT want another government bureaucracy that costs almost three times the current state budget and provides limited or no choice for consumers.”

Senator Mark Wyland (R-Carlsbad)—“To say that health care would improve under this program is simply incorrect. Countries that have adopted a so-called “single payer” plan for all health care experiences the same result: health care is rationed, there are never enough doctors, waiting times for necessary procedures from tests to surgery are long and worsen our overall health care. Further, many treatments available to Americans now would be withheld if the patient did not “qualify”, for example, if the patient were “too old”, as defined by some bureaucrat rather than the doctor. Heart patients are routinely denied surgery that is widely available in the United States. Instead, these patients often receive medication only, thus reducing their quality of life and often shortening their lives.

“Many other treatments, from the newest, most effective drugs to the best surgical or other treatment are also unavailable, while less effective treatments that are offered require months-long waiting times to become available.”

Senator Dave Cogdill (R-Modesto) –“In the wake of the Massachusetts Senate election, which was fueled by voters angry about the direction our nation is headed, Congressional Democrats effectively pulled the plug on their misguided plans to overhaul our health care system.  Closer to home, California Democrats continue to demonstrate how tone deaf they are to what’s playing out on the national stage. 

“The same government that has run its fiscal train off the cliff wants to continue to add to our mounting deficit and take away your ability to choose the health coverage that best suits your needs.

“Previously, Senate Republicans presented CalCare, a cost-effective, balanced and realistic approach to improve consumer choice and expand accessibility, while creating greater reliability in California’s health care system. Most importantly, it proposed to use existing dollars to care for California’s most vulnerable without raising taxes. These common-sense ideas merit attention again.

“Bigger government isn’t the prescription for our nation’s health care ills, but a little common sense is just what the doctor ordered.”

Senate Bill 810 now awaits action in the Assembly.  Senate Republicans are calling for health care reform that addresses the problems facing all Californians that addresses improved access and extends coverage without compromising patients’ quality of care.  Unfortunately, the proposal advocated by the Senate Democrats and special interests simply costs too much and benefits too few.