Senate Republicans Speak Out Against Democrats' Majority-Vote Budget

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Senate Republican Leader Bob Dutton released the following statement following today’s vote on the Democrats’ majority-vote budget:

This is the Democrats’ third simple majority-vote budget in just three months without any Republican reforms.

This Democrat budget is an irresponsible package that has no real pension reform, no hard spending cap, no plan to put people back to work and no change to government as usual.

It clearly demonstrates that legislative Democrats would rather pander to their special interest allies than adopt the long-term budget solutions that Californians demand and deserve. It also proves that a bridge tax is unnecessary.

Let me say it again, Senate Republicans provided Governor Brown and the Democrats a pathway to a bi-partisan budget solution that would have allowed voters to decide on taxes, meaningful pension reform and a hard spending cap. On March 25, Governor Brown said no and broke off budget negotiations with Republicans.

Senate Republicans will continue to fight for reforms that will heal the economy and put unemployed Californians back to work.

Several Republican Senators spoke out against the Democrats’ majority-vote budget. Following are excerpts from those Senate floor speeches: