State Senate Misses Opportunity to Make California Affordable

Eight Senate Republican bills to increase affordability for Californians blocked in key committee
Friday, May 27, 2016

SACRAMENTO – Today, the majority party of the Senate Committee on Appropriations blocked eight Senate Republican priority bills that work to make California affordable. As a result, the full Senate will miss an opportunity to vote up or down on these eight bills helping seniors, renters, parents, students, and low-income Californians. The Committee on Appropriations did move a bill out of committee to help disabled veterans (SB 1458), which is expected to be voted on next week.

“Californians are struggling to live in this high-cost state and deserve a government that takes action to make California more affordable,” said Senate Republican Leader Fuller (R-Bakersfield). “While the Committee on Appropriations was right to move a bill forward to help make California more affordable for disabled veterans, the majority party’s action to block eight other bills is a missed opportunity to help millions of Californians. Moving forward, Senate Republicans will continue to fight for common sense solutions that will make it easier for our residents to live in the Golden State.”

The majority party in the Senate Committee on Appropriations passed out of committee measures that would increase government spending even higher, which is in addition to the already record spending budget proposed by Governor Brown earlier this year.

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