Taxing, Spending, & More Regulations Will Not Solve Our Fiscal Crisis

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Twenty-five days ago, Governor Schwarzenegger declared a fiscal emergency. Despite this warning, Democrats have spent their time trying to eliminate private health insurance while forcing all Californians into a government-run program that would cover illegal immigrants, and in a move reminiscent of the Democrats in Washington D.C., it would exempt union members.

As the Democrats debate the elimination of all free parking spaces, increasing gasoline prices, tripling the penalty for holding a cell phone while driving, and trying to tax the air you breathe, the Legislature has yet to schedule a single vote on our fiscal emergency.

This past Friday, State Controller John Chiang highlighted the urgency our state faces. If the Legislature does act immediately, our state will once again be broke by April 1, 2010.

The Democrats who control the Legislature need to get serious about solving our economic crisis.

Our state does not have the money to add a $200 billion-a-year government health care program, and our citizens don’t have the money to pay more for gasoline and a tax on all free parking spots in the state. In fact, if Democrats keep adding more business regulations, taxpayers may not have jobs to pay for anything--like the 2.2 million Californians who have already lost their jobs.

California is quickly moving down the road to failure under the leadership and direction of the Democrats.