Video: Republican Senator Ochoa Bogh on May Revise: “Californians are facing a cost-of-living crisis”

In advance of the May Revise announcement, Senator Rosilicie Ochoa Bogh (Yucaipa) provides a pre-reaction in Spanish and English with a message for Democratic leadership. As the daughter of Mexican immigrants, a wife, a mother of three, and a state Senator representing the 23rd Senate District, she urges the governor and Democrat leaders to invest wisely.

“While many struggle to put food on the table, fill up their tanks, or pay their monthly rent, the governor is set to announce a revised budget with a massive surplus," said Senator Ochoa Bogh.

“Senate Republicans call on the governor and the majority party to make wise investments so we can make this state more affordable, safer, and a better place to live. For my children and yours.”

Watch or download Senator Ochoa Bogh’s reaction here.

Senator Ochoa Bogh

Earlier in the week, Republican Leader Scott Wilk (Santa Clarita) and all members of the Senate Republican Caucus outlined specific budget priorities. Click here to read the complete budget request.

Included in the full list are:

  • FULL Gas Tax Holiday - The state should immediately suspend the gas tax to reduce the cost of fuel for families suffering from record-high prices. The revenues should be backfilled by the General Fund so that transportation projects will not be impacted.
  • Lower Costs for Renters - To help offset rising rental costs, California should increase the renter’s tax credit to $1,000 for spouses filing joint returns, heads of households, and surviving spouses. It should also include a $500 tax credit for other individuals to provide temporary assistance for one of California’s most significant problems.
  • California Student Tax Credit - To assist students with the rising costs of housing, transportation, or other school expenses, California should offer up to several thousand dollars in student tax credits per year for eligible students.
  • Address Mental Health and Substance Abuse Needs - The state should invest $10 billion to build the facilities needed to address the related crises of mental health, substance abuse, and homelessness.
  • Invest in Water Storage - The state must invest the $2.6 billion necessary to fully fund the already voter-approved Sites Reservoir that will provide water storage for 1.5 million homes per year.
  • Prepare for Wildfires - The state needs to remove the red tape and roadblocks stalling wildfire prevention and treatment projects.