What They're Saying: Coalition of Public Safety Agencies Describes Assembly Bill 186 as "county sanctioned shooting galleries"

Thursday, August 31, 2017

SACRAMENTO – Assembly Bill 186, Democrat-sponsored legislation to allow eight California counties to create government-run drug dens, soon will land on the Senate floor for a vote. AB 186 would create shooting galleries where addicts could inject their heroin and fentanyl in a controlled environment, even though such activity is a clear violation of federal law.

A coalition of eight law enforcement agencies, including the Los Angeles County Probation Officers Union AFSCME Local 685 and the Los Angeles County Professional Peace Officers Association, signed on to a letter opposing AB 186.

“… authorize what amounts to little more than county sanctioned shooting galleries.”

“… AB 186 alarmingly concedes the inevitable and immutable nature of drug addiction and abuse.”

“… the unintended consequence of AB 186 is to normalize substance abuse.”

“…  local approval of this program would necessarily require leniency on all drug crimes in a certain area.”

“These programs would … be operated in disadvantaged and fragile neighborhoods, concentrating more crime and problems in areas already in distress.”

“The concentration of drug addicts at a specific site will inevitably result in those sites being a magnet for drug dealers ...”

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